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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Would Banning Anonymous Comments Reduce Cyber Bullying?

"Give me your lunch money!!!!!".... Who's acting tough with the keyboard???
Cyber Bullying is whereby certain Internet users choose to threaten and use aggressive comments to inspire fear in other users, which is most commonly found in chat rooms or social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook etc. Majority of these Cyber Bullies use the anonymous option for comments or different cyber names and codes.

What we should think about is the people being bullied, most of them are allowing such to happen because of their low self-esteem or because the cyber world is an escape from the real world and would much rather deal with bullying there, others have been bullied all their school life always receive nasty and aggressive comments on the type of lifestyle they lead. Now what will banning anonymous comments do to change anything?

This would simply mean knowing where or from who the bullying is coming from, doesnt make any other difference as users can easily change names and use fake profiles like cyber predators have been doing with success. Although it might eliminate users fearing "the unkown", how sure will are we that Cindy Michaels (just an example) is actually a female? or even exists? The cyber world is a big place with enough loopholes to give allowance to anyone with the ability to take advantage of it.

What banning anonymous comments might do though is make the bullied feel a tad bit safer, therefore giving them a chance to rebuild their confidence in being able to report individuals who seem to getting tough on them. This has a positive effect as people will learn to stand up for themselves and not be subjected to any persons typing.

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