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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is Shades of Black?

You're probably wondering, "what in the name of sweet milk is Shades of Black", others might be thinking "this looks like a shady blog for racial poets" and the really clueless might be thinking "a blog on different types of the colour black..." Even though this might seem rational, it isn't. Shades of black is about looking at different dimentions, the same way shades have similarities and differences. certain (if not all) topics have similarities and can be looked at from different angles. Shades of black as a blog aims to give an interesting twist that appeals to all bloggers and followers by using humour and topics of interest to post and update on relevant issues. Blogging has become the latest and fastest way to share information of any kind to masses of people with access to such. Popular bloggers include Perez Hilton and our own South African version Mika Stephano. These are most famous for gossip blogging which would mean posting on the latest news and putting a bit of your own opinion to make it readable . People\Followers who read your blog are intitled to comment on your posts and somehow participate and interact with other bloggers. Thus emphasizing the different Shades of Black that one finds within blogs. Hope you enjoy this blog and get to participate in the poll given above :-)

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