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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are Word Processing Programs Making Students Lazy??

**let me state and clarify that I'm a student who uses the above mentioned programs**

Word Processing Programs are those used to create word documents such as Essays, Letters etc. The programme offers a variety of functions that make typing a whole lot easier. Functions such as Formatting, word count and Dictionary are include (most favoured by students), this means that all you have to do is type and the rest will sort itself out, Literally.

Well Hooray, this is brilliant for us student as it means less time looking up spelling and grammatical errors and more partying. As a result we may not find it necessary to use let alone own a dictionary or any English language aid books as we find no need for it, which might lead to utterly lazy minds unable to think for ourselves.

On the other hand (Shade), These Programs assist those who aren't capable of spelling or constructing proper sentences to form an essay i.e. Dyslexic individuals.
It is also an advantage when we (students) are udder a whole lot of pressure and need to type essays at short notice, this would eliminate the spelling/grammar factor and help students focus energy on the important bits like research. Personally as a student I'd accept these programs as a helping hand and not something i rely one. One should ALWAYS know how to spell (MXIT LINGO DOES NOT COUNT!!!!)

with that said, the general belief is that YES these programs are making students lazy but so is the latest technology. We are a world that is constantly advancing technologically, doesn't this also make the world lazy?? *point to ponder over*


  1. lol tru story but hey we cant help the fact that technology keeps updating