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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Would Banning Anonymous Comments Reduce Cyber Bullying?

"Give me your lunch money!!!!!".... Who's acting tough with the keyboard???
Cyber Bullying is whereby certain Internet users choose to threaten and use aggressive comments to inspire fear in other users, which is most commonly found in chat rooms or social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook etc. Majority of these Cyber Bullies use the anonymous option for comments or different cyber names and codes.

What we should think about is the people being bullied, most of them are allowing such to happen because of their low self-esteem or because the cyber world is an escape from the real world and would much rather deal with bullying there, others have been bullied all their school life always receive nasty and aggressive comments on the type of lifestyle they lead. Now what will banning anonymous comments do to change anything?

This would simply mean knowing where or from who the bullying is coming from, doesnt make any other difference as users can easily change names and use fake profiles like cyber predators have been doing with success. Although it might eliminate users fearing "the unkown", how sure will are we that Cindy Michaels (just an example) is actually a female? or even exists? The cyber world is a big place with enough loopholes to give allowance to anyone with the ability to take advantage of it.

What banning anonymous comments might do though is make the bullied feel a tad bit safer, therefore giving them a chance to rebuild their confidence in being able to report individuals who seem to getting tough on them. This has a positive effect as people will learn to stand up for themselves and not be subjected to any persons typing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Should The Government Tax Media Downloads?

"hmmm... seems like the government wants to tax everything" this is not far from the truth, but Government only taxes things that seem to be pulling in a lot of profit. This means that downloads are bringing in a massive profit with no payment to the government making it easy money therefore encouraging everyone to do it.

Downloads can be legal (those that are often registered and charge a certain amount) and illegal (random, FREE and very enticing), if government suggest tax on both (more especially illegal aspect) they would be condoning piracy and all the other crimes associated with downloads, thus making the tax paid somewhat of a bribe.

Giving Government the permission to tax downloads would also in a way, give them permission or the right to control and regulate what is downloaded, this complicates matters even further as they begin to control the type of media information we can receive. Another disadvantage would be the privacy of downloading as Government would have access to who does what, when, why, how and where.

On the other hand, the tax money can go towards improving areas that lack proper technological advancement such as government websites and the proper maintenance of such. This would mean meeting the proper standards when it comes to websites and may even be able to develop software that prevents illegal downloads therefore reducing piracy.

Should The World Become a Cashless Society?

From the title of this blog one can immediately think, "a world with no money? how will we survive? How do we make our payments? What do you mean?". This might be a bit confusing because the world as we know it operates on money, the topic here is not referring to the essence or the idea of trade but to the physical. Still lost? Read next paragraph *smiley face*

Imagine the whole world running out materials of which money is made, nothing, not even a single note or coin left in the whole world. The value of money will still carry on through credit/debit cards, cheques and other electronic devices. this would mean having only plastic in your wallet.

The cool thing about this is that you can't lose a certain amount, like losing only 10c from your exact change when you needed to buy airtime for R10 not R9.90, Tragic. This would save us the time and effort of counting all your loose change and the handling process becomes easier and faster. The other cool thing about this is that one doesn't have to squander money in front of the date when paying the bill at a restaurant, totally adds bonus points *wink*

The not so cool thing about this is that the literal process of actually feeling the money you've worked for is eliminated, safety issues regarding those who have access to what ever electronic device that will be holding your money value and accessibility to other 'Hackers' that may steal. Other not so cool things about this is if that particular electronic device gets lost then all your money is lost unless a long process is followed to reclaim it and lastly, the world is slowly but surly getting sucked into this Techno-haven that in the future we might not even have to move a muscle, how is that beneficial to our development as human beings?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are Word Processing Programs Making Students Lazy??

**let me state and clarify that I'm a student who uses the above mentioned programs**

Word Processing Programs are those used to create word documents such as Essays, Letters etc. The programme offers a variety of functions that make typing a whole lot easier. Functions such as Formatting, word count and Dictionary are include (most favoured by students), this means that all you have to do is type and the rest will sort itself out, Literally.

Well Hooray, this is brilliant for us student as it means less time looking up spelling and grammatical errors and more partying. As a result we may not find it necessary to use let alone own a dictionary or any English language aid books as we find no need for it, which might lead to utterly lazy minds unable to think for ourselves.

On the other hand (Shade), These Programs assist those who aren't capable of spelling or constructing proper sentences to form an essay i.e. Dyslexic individuals.
It is also an advantage when we (students) are udder a whole lot of pressure and need to type essays at short notice, this would eliminate the spelling/grammar factor and help students focus energy on the important bits like research. Personally as a student I'd accept these programs as a helping hand and not something i rely one. One should ALWAYS know how to spell (MXIT LINGO DOES NOT COUNT!!!!)

with that said, the general belief is that YES these programs are making students lazy but so is the latest technology. We are a world that is constantly advancing technologically, doesn't this also make the world lazy?? *point to ponder over*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is Shades of Black?

You're probably wondering, "what in the name of sweet milk is Shades of Black", others might be thinking "this looks like a shady blog for racial poets" and the really clueless might be thinking "a blog on different types of the colour black..." Even though this might seem rational, it isn't. Shades of black is about looking at different dimentions, the same way shades have similarities and differences. certain (if not all) topics have similarities and can be looked at from different angles. Shades of black as a blog aims to give an interesting twist that appeals to all bloggers and followers by using humour and topics of interest to post and update on relevant issues. Blogging has become the latest and fastest way to share information of any kind to masses of people with access to such. Popular bloggers include Perez Hilton and our own South African version Mika Stephano. These are most famous for gossip blogging which would mean posting on the latest news and putting a bit of your own opinion to make it readable . People\Followers who read your blog are intitled to comment on your posts and somehow participate and interact with other bloggers. Thus emphasizing the different Shades of Black that one finds within blogs. Hope you enjoy this blog and get to participate in the poll given above :-)